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Profit Sharing 2022 and 2023

FCTI and SIMP Info

FCTI/SIMP Contract

FCTI/SIMP Bidding Scheduling FAQ

FCTI/SIMP Article  3(J)(5) LOA




Holiday LOA

FCTI/SIMP PowerPoint Presentation on contract

Instructor Bonus

Program LOA

FSE Info

FSE Contract

FSE Article 4 Compensation

Envoy Info

Envoy PSI Contract

Envoy GSI Contract

Local 548 By-Laws
         (effective 1/18/2019)

Local 548 By-Laws

2021 International         Constituion


FCTI and FSE contracts also available on Jetnet by clicking here.

FCTI/SIMP Contract Extension 2022

FSE Contract Extension 2022

Contract Extension 401(k) Implementation Information

"Me-Too" Settlement Decision

This election must be submitted at least four months prior to your retirement date to receive the RHRA credit. Click here (sign in to Jetnet) to make your election:

HRA Qualified Medical Expenses

FCTI and SIMP Bonus Program

FCTI/SIMP "Short Month" information


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